April 2, 2021

Young Professionals Group

COMTO Colorado Young Professionals Group is committed to providing a vehicle for:

  • Mentoring
  • Growth
  • Providing an area for young professionals to network
  • A focus on career/professional development and community engagement
  • Emphases on POC, under-represented peoples, women and femmes in the industry

Preliminary Goals


  • 5‐10 Members by Q2 2021
  • 30‐45 Members by Q4 2021
  • Gain input from member base to steer direction for YP 2022
  • Programming with HBCU’s, POC Education Groups and Women & Femmes in Engineering and Transportation


  • Create an informed group,
    with an emphasis on policy
    and legislation
  • Encourage members to
    reach out to peers to find
    common goals to act upon
  • Market the COMTO CYPG,
    increase visibility of the
  • Create positive focus goals ‐
    Multi‐modal transportation,
    sustainable transportation
    systems, sustainable


  • Create a shared space
    where members can
    present ideas, topics and
    find new interests
  • Speaking engagements with
  • Teaching about career
    engagement and navigation
    in the job market


  • Emphasis on finding
    equitable opportunities for
    members of COMTO CYPG,
    where they can establish
    themselves and grow

Who Can Join / How to Join

COMTO CYPG — <15yrs experience in the industry

Can join as a Young Professional, or as a Young Professional Mentor

For more information contact Terrin Vann (tvann@survwest.com) and/or James Fuller (jafuller2@ncdot.gov)