September 8, 2015



The transportation industry is the most vital federal agency in the country and will always need contractors from all areas to maintain our country’s infrastructure; it will never be outsourced.

We are the voice of small business to local agencies, state and federal government politicians.

COMTO has 40 chapters throughout the United States. Members include individual, transportation agencies, academic institutions, industry non-profits and Small and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises. From highways and roads to mass transit systems; from subways to rail systems; and from port authorities to airports, COMTO members represent every facet of the transportation industry. Our members are the presidents and chief executive officers who determine the direction of major transportation systems and the mechanics and operators who ensure the safe passage of millions of transportation riders everyday.

COMTO’s Mission is to ensure a level playing field and maximum participation in the transportation industry for minority individuals, businesses and communities of color through advocacy, information sharing, and training, education and professional development. At present, COMTO is the only organization that works to support minority contractor businesses within the administrations of the Department of Transportation, in an effort to level the playing field. To do this we must engage all transportation agencies under the OST (FWHA, FAA, FTA and FRA) as partners to achieve this mission.

Benefits of membership

  •  Increase your business contracts, revenue and success
  • Build partnerships, joint ventures, take your business to the next level
  • Network with your industry colleagues around the country
  • Build solid business reputations and credibility
  • If you are an agency staff member you have access to continuous education that leads you to a more extensive successful career
  • Access to COMTO Leadership Institute and agency education programs

FTA – Federal Transportation Administration (DBE Program Active)
FAA – Federal Aviation Administration (DBE/MBE Program Active)
FRA – Federal Rail Administration (applying for DBE program)
FHWA – Federal Highway Administration (DBE Program Active)

Local Expectations for Industry Agencies

These expectations outline joint efforts that COMTO and the Agency agree on to ensure maximum participation and opportunities exist in all modes of transportation for our members, executives within your agency and the DBE/HUB business community.

Once you have become a member, please notify so your name can be added to COMTO Colorado’s Online Membership Directory.

Questions about membership? Please contact