September 10, 2015



The Membership Committee is responsible for generating ideas and, in coordination with the Events Committee, develop programs/activities designed to facilitate recruitment of new members and retain or support existing members. This committee is also responsible for increasing the number and caliber of SBE, DBE and MWBE members of COMTO.


The Scholarship Committee is responsible for providing scholarship opportunities for high school and college graduates. The committee is also responsible for coordinating with the Membership Committee to educate members on the scholarship application process, marketing and promoting scholarships via the COMTO Colorado Chapter website, colleges/universities/high schools and word-of-mouth advertisement.


The Fundraising Committee is responsible for the Chapter’s Fundraising effort, developing strategies, identifying potential sponsors, securing donations.


The Events Committee is responsible for identifying and planning chapter events, including programming, annual events/schedules, educational/technical initiatives, communication/promotion/marketing, coordinating with the Membership Committee to identify member volunteer opportunities/activities, etc.


The Legislative Committee is responsible for monitoring and reviewing legislative activity related to the transportation industry, soliciting the support of local and State elected officials for COMTO’s mission and programs, coordinating with the Membership/HUB committee to increase the number and caliber of members in COMTO who are active in the political and legislative arenas. Recommends and develops policy position statements based upon legislative policy priorities that would be reviewed and approved by the COMTO Executive Board.


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