Webinar: Real-Time Communications to Support Intelligent Transportation Systems

Sierra Wireless Live Webcast

Intelligent Transportation Systems are transforming public transit services and operations. New applications like fare payment systems and next-bus notification systems make transit easier to use, more accessible and more efficient, and the connectedness of all these systems with operations is allowing agencies to work with private transportation providers to solve the entire “customer journey”. Whether you’re well down the path of deploying these solutions or just beginning, you will want to consider the type of communications infrastructure required to support all these systems.

Trapeze Group and Sierra Wireless have worked closely together to bring this functionality to customers. Join us for this webinar to learn more about how a mobile broadband communications infrastructure can support each and every application reliably and securely.


Nick RossNick Ross | Industry Solutions Manager | Trapeze Group




Tony MorrisTony Morris | Vice PresidentNorth American Sales – Enterprise Solutions | Sierra Wireless