To be considered, fully completed online application form and accompanying documentation must be received to COMTO Colorado by March 13, 2017.

INSTRUCTIONS: Review the COMTO Colorado Scholarship program rules and instruction below before starting the application process.

  1. Personal Essay from Applicant
    Write an essay (500 to 700 words), typewritten using size 12 font, which includes answers to the following:

    • Why you chose your planned field of study?
    • How do you think your coursework and life experiences have helped you prepare for your college studies and the future?
    • Explain why you are an excellent candidate for this scholarship.
    • What else you would like to tell the Scholarship Selection Committee to help it make a decision about your scholarship application.

    Note: In preparing your personal essay (as well as preparing for your interview), consider how you can most effectively convey your best qualities.
    The essay can be uploaded and sent with the online application or mailed.

  2. Two Letters of Recommendation
    Letters may be provided by teachers, school staff, employers, coaches, etc. The person submitting the letter should state how he or she knows you and your ability to benefit from the scholarship. Letters from family members will not be accepted.  Letters of recommendation must be mailed.
  3. Counselor Endorsement Form
    If a counselor was used in the submittal for number two, a different counselor must provide the endorsement form. The endorsement can be completed online or mailed. FILL OUT ONLINE ENDORSEMENT HERE

 If letters or forms are sent separately, it is up to the applicant to ensure all materials have been sent by the deadline.


Mail documents to:

COMTO Colorado Scholarship Committee
PO Box 13582
Denver, CO 80201

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