September 10, 2015



LaChelle Coffey –

The Membership Committee is responsible for generating ideas as to the recruitment of members. Also responsible for the development of programs designed to attract additional members and the modification of existing membership eligibility criteria, subject to the review and approval of the Board of Directors. This committee is responsible for coordinating COMTO Week and Reverse Trade Fair held in November each year.

Committee meets on the second Saturday of every month. Email for details.


Dr. Mary Davis, Ph.D –
Tracy Raby –

The Scholarship Committee is responsible for providing scholarship opportunities for high school and college graduates. The committee is also responsible for educating members on the scholarship application process, marketing and promoting scholarships via the COMTO website, local chapters/media, colleges/universities/high schools and word-of-mouth advertisement.

Committee meets weekly during planning session beginning in February. Email at for details.


Helga Grunerud –

The Public and Community Development Committee is responsible for planning and organizing the implementation of projects, administering community development activities, and coordinating the implementation of public facility improvements, public services and other related programs.



Golf Sub-Committee
Vince Gilmore –

The golf tournament brings together agencies, corporations, small businesses and the community for this annual event. The Golf Committee plans and coordinates the annual golf tournament by setting a budget with the Chapter President, selects a venue, solicits sponsorship to raise funds for the event which goes towards the scholarship recipient fund.

Committee meets weekly during planning session beginning in June. Email for details.

Garret A. Morgan Youth Day Sub-Committee
Arthur Antoine –

COMTO’s annual Garrett A. Morgan Shadow Day is a national event that provides students in grades kindergarten through 12 a close-up look at career opportunities in the transportation industry. The purpose of the program is to foster community awareness and afford youth an opportunity to gain valuable knowledge about different careers in the transportation industry. The Garrett A. Morgan Shadow Day is held each February.

Committee meets weekly during planning session beginning in January. Email for details.

Scholarship Banquet Planning Sub-Committee

Hortensia Villano –

This Scholarship Banquet Committee oversees the planning process of the annual banquet. This committee along with the Chapter President sets a budget, selects a venue, selects the guest speakers and works with the Executive Team and Board of Directors to raise sponsorship funds. Also coordinates with the Scholarship committee in the process of honoring the scholarship recipients. This event is held each spring.

Committee meets weekly during planning session beginning in January. Email for details.


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