Our Purpose

COMTO was created to provide a forum for senior minority professionals in the transportation industry.
Career Support

Become a key resource center for Historically Underused Businesses (HUBs)

Contractor Service Opportunities

Maintain communication with industry agencies to promote contracting opportunities throughout Denver, within the state of Colorado and Nationwide

Diverse Membership

Grow a diverse membership by 25% and retain membership over the next 12 months.

Scholarship Assistance

Increase our scholarship program to include a mentor/protege program.


Conference of Minority Transportation Officials - Colorado Chapter

COMTO’s mission is to provide full access to employment, career and contract opportunities for minorities and women within the transportation industry. Over the past thirty years, our mandate has evolved to include not only public transportation industry executives, but also professionals at every level of industry encompassing a variety of fields and disciplines. Now, as was then, members are encouraged to share information, opportunities and personal expertise. With 34 chapters throughout the United States, our mission is as relevant today as we strive to provide full access to employment, career and contract opportunities for minorities within the transportation industry. A small group of professionals committed to this mission, founded the Colorado Chapter of COMTO in May 2004.

  • Goals and Objectives

    1. Promoting, strengthening and expanding the roles of minorities in all aspects of transportation;

  • 2. Facilitating the link of public, private and academic institutions to support professional development among minorities in the transportation industry; and

  • 3. Sponsoring and conducting local, state, and national forums that will enable the discussion of timely issues and topical concerns of the minority community.

Executive Officers

LaChelle Coffey
LaChelle Coffey
Owner, Land Acquisition Services
Vince Gilmore
Vince Gilmore
External Vice President
Director of Business Development, Gilmore Construction
Hortensia Villano
Hortensia Villano
Internal Vice President
Partner/Regulatory Manager, P&H Equipment, Inc.
Tracy Raby
Tracy Raby
Bond Contracts Administrator, Adams 12 Five Star School
Arthur Antoine
Arthur Antoine
Senior Project Manager, Shrewsberry

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